Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to raise your child into excellent personality?

"According to Imam Al-Ghazali, a child is like an uncut diamond." The parent's responsibility is to cut, shape, and polish their child's soul until it becomes a shining beautiful jewel, pleasing to the eye of Allah. Clearly, it is the parents who determine whether their children will become of fine character or not.

Every parent wishes to raise their children to become noble souls, good in every way; but, many do not know how to achieve that goal in an effective manner.
There are two primary requirements:

1- Parents have to know how a child's character or personality is developed.
2- Parents must themselves possess right values that will act as the basis for shaping their children's character; these right values are the traditional values of Islamic Character, and children must be raised to understand their role as Representative of Allah in this world (Khalifah Allah).

By combining these two necessary aspects of character development, parents will be able to shape their children to be excellent individuals in this world and the next.

You can get help from an online ebook which can be freely read online.

'Shaping Excellent Character- A manual for parents'

This book is from "Islamic and book is an effort from "Women's club, University Kebangsaan, Kuala Lumper, Malaysia"

Summary of the book says:
* It is best to shape your children good character from an early age, but it is still not too late to correct the character of children of any age group.

* Children should be encouraged to be well behaved through directed positive influence. Reward them immediately when they do good. Gently admonish them immediately when they do wrong. Explain to them what they have done wrong, and clarify why it should not be repeated.

* Children need to be educated to observe certain limits in their freedom of action, and these are the limits that have been clearly set out for us by Allah when he gave us Islam as our perfect plan for a right life.

* We need to be consistent in encouraging positive values at every time and in every place.

* The application of Islamic values in raising our children is the best way to encourage the development of positive character.

This book is also available for non-muslim parents:

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